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$69 /month
  • 2500 results
  • 50 results depth
  • Up to 1 user
  • Lock spam factor values
  • Lock top anchors list


$169 /month
  • 10000 results
  • 70 results depth
  • Up to 5 user
  • Lock spam factor values
  • Lock top anchors list


$369 /month
  • 25000 results
  • 100 results depth
  • Up to 25 user
  • Unlock spam factor values
  • Unlock top anchors list

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Our Clients' Testimonials

Check what out clients have to say about our link building tool.

Johann Hopfer

For me, Dibz is like a smartphone - I don't know how we managed to do things before it was created.

Yoni Shapper

Clean, comprehensive and user-friendly, Dibz has paid for itself in the first month already by saving us time and resources, making our team more efficient and their efforts much more productive.

Mikkela Lotrenne

I can safely say that the results received through Dibz are the closest thing to a manual search engine entries I've seen so far.

What Do We Offer?

The ability to put your link building process on the next level. Pronto!

Best Search Results

Search naturally, like with Google. Use our predefined and most potent search operators and filters to get exactly what you're looking for or create custom ones.

Built-in Spam Factor Algo

Don't waste your time going through hundreds or thousands of prospects that don't deserve it. Let us gather, process and classify all your link opportunities so you don't have to.

Fast Delivery Times

As we already said, we respect your time. We're obsessed with optimizing the prospecting process. That's why we're putting the effort in making complete search results ASAP.