Dibz Project Press Kit

Project in short.

Dibz is an intelligent link prospecting tool designed to make the process of identifying and assessing link building opportunities more effective. As such, Dibz provides a valuable resource for SEO agencies that work on large-scale link building campaigns and wish to maintain the highest quality of links they deliver.

The greatest advantage of Dibz is the fact it uses multiple SEO metrics to help users assess each and every prospect instantly. This way, low quality websites can be easily discarded, leaving the user with only the top results for a specific search. Fast and reliable, Dibz eliminates the need for manual inspection of link building prospects and enables users to focus on the more important and demanding activities required to get a high quality backlink.

Founder's Bio

Radomir Basta is a 34 year old SEO and user acquisition professional, who has worked in the industry for almost a decade. Throughout his career, Basta has been following the latest SEO trends and worked with numerous companies on improving their online visibility. Since 2012, Basta has been a regular lecturer at Digital Communications Institute in Belgrade, where he collaborates with various professionals in the digital marketing industry of Serbia. He is also one of the founders of, one of the top entertainment websites in the Balkans.

In 2013, Basta co-founded Four Dots, a full service inbound marketing agency that today operates in Europe, Australia and the United States. Along with Basta, the Four Dots co-founders Milica Dobrenov, Goran Bogunović and Nataša Bajić conceptualized and launched three next-generation SEO tools, (link prospecting), (link management system) and and (dashboard-based KPI tracking and automated reporting software).

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Media Kit

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