Apart from being known as one of the most versatile backlink checkers with the largest available index, Ahrefs is also the creator of one of the most commonly used domain authority metrics - Domain Rating.

This metric is used by SEO agencies and freelancers the world around, either when reporting or negotiating the standards with their clients, or internally, for a quick assessment of the strength of prospect’s backlink portfolio.

Aside from allowing you to see each prospect’s DR, Ahrefs integration gives you a chance to instruct Dibz to display other metrics as well. This includes top anchors data, as well as the number of referring domains and pages. Along with our advanced SPAM filter, this additional data allows you to easily discriminate between interesting and potentially toxic prospects, and save enormous amounts of time.

If you already have an active Ahrefs account, you can connect it with Dibz, and we won’t charge you for displaying the metrics, they will simply be deducted from the remainder of your Ahrefs subscription.

This additional data can be requested before the search is initiated, in which case, all of the returned results will come accompanied with DR, anchors, referring pages and referring domains data; or you can wait until the search is complete, and then request these metrics for individual results, from the search results page.