While Dibz doesn’t need any help with finding relevant prospects for your link building campaigns, we don’t intend to stop coming up with ways to make the entire process of evaluating or contacting them easier and more efficient for you.

With that in mind, we will, hopefully with the help of your suggestions, keep adding new integrations to our tool. Some might add more features, while others will give you an option to request different metrics to be returned with your results, making it much easier to qualify prospects and filter out the sub-standard ones.

Depending on their type and source, some of these integration-based features will be completely free, while others will make your search cost more credits - unless you already have an account with the integrated software, which you can connect to Dibz and avoid extra charges.

Take a look at our currently available integrations and how they reinforce our link prospecting and evaluation capabilities.

Here is the list of available integrations: