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Our advanced SEO tool was built with one main idea: to help digital marketing agencies and SEO specialists find quality links, contact relevant influencers, find bloggers, and scrape Google search results more easily.

Dibz is an advanced yet user-friendly tool made by SEO experts for SEO experts who seek a quick and easy way to get their nimble hands on quality leads, bloggers and influencers that can bring their rankings as close to the top as possible!

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What’s Dibz All About?

Tracking down quality link prospects is often just as vital as having an excellent product/service behind your brand. However, the process of gathering, processing and utilizing those quality links can turn out to be a rather tedious and time-consuming one. This is the main reason why the team behind Dibz decided to develop a tool that will make your life easier by reducing the processes of link prospecting and finding influencers to mere minutes and clicks. Here’s what our user-friendly SEO tool has to offer:


Quality Link Building and Influencer Prospecting

Dibz features an intuitive yet straightforward interface that allows you to speed up your link-prospecting and influencer-finding.

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A Built-in SPAM Algorithm

It also features a well-oiled spam algorithm that makes sure you get only the best results that you don’t have to manually check for spammy sites. Dibz users don’t have to waste time digging through hundreds (often even thousands) of link building prospects in order to weed out bad apples.

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Fast Delivery Times

Manual gathering, processing and classifying all your link opportunities takes a lot of time, patience, and - ultimately - money. Dibz can help you optimize and speed up the process, so you can invest your valuable time and expertise elsewhere.

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Dibz Speaks Your Language!

We understand how important local SEO is, so our team made sure Dibz users can perform local prospecting and conduct local influencer searches with our multilingual search options.

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