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Our advanced cost-effective and time-saving platform was built with one main goal in mind: to help both fully-developed digital companies and independent SEO consultants quickly and easily glean quality links and useful info related to prominent influencers/bloggers from their specific niche.

Our advanced yet easy-to-use tool was designed by SEO experts for SEO experts. It can help those who seek an effective and quick way to track down and reach quality bloggers and influencers from their own niche and thus improve their digital marketing campaign.

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What’s Dibz All About?

We created Dibz for all those SEO agencies and independent SEO specialists who know how critical it is to be able to quickly and efficiently gather quality link building opportunities. Our link prospecting and influencer finding tool is particularly useful for those seeking a way to automate and reduce their link prospecting process to mere minutes and clicks.

Some of the main features Dibz offers include:


Quality Link Building and Influencer Prospecting

Our tool features a simple interface that allows you to speed up your SEO and influencer research campaigns by quickly and efficiently tracking down quality link prospects for the niche of your choice.

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A Built-in SPAM Algorithm

Filtering out spammy links is vital for your SEO campaign. However, it is also very time-consuming, which is why we equipped Dibz with a powerful SPAM algorithm so you don’t have to go through hundreds or even thousands of link prospects in order to get rid of sites with bad reputation. Simply let our tool do this dirty work for you.

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Fast Delivery Times

Dibz is all about optimization and speed, which is why our team is working around the clock to make sure all our users get the best search results as soon as possible.

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We Speak Your Language!

Our team knows how important it is to be able to conduct searches in languages other than English, which is why we insisted on making Dibz as local SEO friendly as possible by offering multilingual link-prospecting and blogger finding search options.

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