By giving you a comprehensive breakdown of prospects and their most relevant metrics, Dibz allows you to easily locate great link building opportunities, grow your brand online and divert your time and energy where it’s needed the most!

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Research and Filtering Functionality

Dibz allows you to formulate a range of advanced search operator modified queries; returns the results for all of them without forcing you to complete a captcha after each of them like Google would; and gives you a convenient way to either export the results, or filter them in-app.

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Custom SPAM Metrics

To make your prospecting even more efficient, we’ve rounded up the most common measurable site quality indicators, and made them a part of our Spam Filter. This enables you to specify the criteria that you want our tool to use when assessing websites and choosing which to present you with, and which to discard.

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Intuitive Data Management

While Dibz is capable of returning hundreds of relevant prospects for your link building campaigns, its advanced search options wouldn’t do you much good without a way to organize, classify and evaluate the results. Each suggested URL is accompanied by a range of metrics meant to help you decide if the site in question is a valid prospect, or is it best left ignored.

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Pitch Content Idea Right Away

Dibz allows you to import your chosen link building prospects to PitchBox, industry's most widely used outreach platform. This enables you to easily set and track your outreach campaigns for better results.

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Powerful Research Types

While one of the most interesting features of Dibz is that it provides you with the freedom to experiment with complex queries in a way that Google would never tolerate, ultimately, our utility is there to make your link building work faster and easier. This is why we also offer a range of predefined research type templates for the most common groups of prospects (guest posts, local citations, forums…) allowing you to skip the entire “advanced operators” part, and initiate a search simply by providing your target keywords.

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Convenient Prospect Contact Retrieval

Dibz retrieves contact information for each website in the results list. Using various web API's along with our in-house algorithm, we help you discover and create a list of contact emails.

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Features Customization

Some of our paid plans give you an option to alter predefined app parameters (like Spam Filter Criteria, blacklisted websites, etc.). If you need a higher level of customization and control over your search, don’t hesitate to tweak these settings and see if you are getting more relevant, or simply, better results.