Every marketing agency and freelancer is faced with the same problem:

How to save time on client reporting, without negatively affecting the overall quality of their reports?

Client reporting plays a key role in client retention. Especially in marketing. It’s often the only thing that influences a client’s decision to stay with their current marketing freelancer/agency, or take their business elsewhere.

Even though quality reporting is undoubtedly the piece that often holds things together, most companies and independent marketing professionals don’t really have the necessary resources to sustain a desired level of professionalism and efficiency in this department.

Quality client reporting often requires a lot of time, effort and experience, which most freelance marketing contractors and agencies lack.

If you want your reports to mean something, you have to do so much more than send your clients Excel sheets full of numbers.

A whole lot of different factors come into play here.

The process of creating powerful reports that actually analyze past and current activities, drive intelligent strategies for the future, and keep clients in the loop – cannot be completed in just a couple of minutes. In fact, working on such highly-analytical, meticulously designed, data-driven documents tends to suck up more time than you might think.

Four or more hours per client each month, according to our independent in-house study.

This is the norm in industries like marketing. Various freelance marketing professionals and agencies constantly find themselves chained to their reporting, even though they have far more important things on their to-do lists.

As one of the many victims of this particular problem, my team of developers at Four Dots and I decided to take a serious crack at this issue. As an agency that already has some real experience in tool development, we decided to put our knowledge to good use and feed the marketing community with something that can actually put an end to this client reporting nightmare.

After months of hard work and continuous testing and polishing, we have finally wrapped up the production of this tool and released it for commercial use. As one of the main architects of this product, it gives me great pleasure to finally introduce you to my latest tool, simply called Reportz.

Goodbye Manual Mind-Numbing Work, Hello Reportz

Reportz is our third in-house product, right after Base.me and Dibz.

Created for those who need to impress their clients with powerful insights on a regular basis, by people who live and breathe SEO and digital marketing – Reportz is a new, fresh out of the lab, white label reporting software that has only one job: to make this highly-important marketing activity as easy and affordable as it possibly can be.

The general idea behind this concept was to create a tool that has the capacity to help its users create powerful marketing reports with almost no effort, as well as fill in the gaps, since other popular automated reporting utilities are still missing some much-needed features.

Even though the tool has just been released, its beta version has been available for quite some time to specific industry professionals and testers. So far, Reportz has been receiving only positive feedback, which makes us all extremely happy. Apart from satisfying our personal needs, the tool has already managed to present itself useful to other marketing professionals as well.

What Separates Reportz from the Herd and Makes it Worthy of Your Attention?

As I already said above, this specific tool was created out of sheer need. As an agency that has more than 200 active clients, we used to really struggle with reporting. This particular activity was costing us more than just buckets and buckets of money. It kept our top talent from their actual work, drowning in mundane activities that were too important to assign to lower level employees.

At first, we searched for the solution to our problem on the Web. We turned to already-created marketing reporting tools, but none of them have proven themselves helpful. Every single tool we have tested – and we have tested them all – was missing some important features. That’s when we decided to create something from scratch, tailored to our specific needs.

Reportz has specific features that no other automated reporting platforms currently have:

Powerful KPI Dashboards that Allow Full Customization

A place where you can collect data from all your favorite sources, like Ahrefs, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMRush, Rank Ranger, etc. and sort them any way you like. You can group, filter, separate, compare and merge an unlimited number of your most important marketing metrics and present them any way you feel is best for your client.

This feature allows the user to easily track and organize big and complex projects, from a single interface.  

Flexible Date Range Control

As any other automated marketing reporting utility, Reportz makes it possible for users to sort and compare data in their widgets and reports by days, weeks and months. However, unlike any of its direct or indirect competitors, this amazing white label solution has an option that allows users to filter their reports by custom date ranges, like, for example: the first day of March 2017 with the last day of August 2017.

A Chance to Easily Brand Your Client’s Reports for Zero Dollars

Making reports visually appealing is always the hardest part. If you don’t have an in-house designer who does that for you, this particular activity could add a couple of hours every week/month to your client reporting. And even if you have an in-house designer, I’m willing to bet they have better things to do than polish your reports. You’re certainly not paying them to add logos and client colors to your data-driven documents.

This is where Reportz can help you out. It’s where the whole “white label” concept comes to shine. Reportz has a free customization and branding policy, making it acceptable and easy to upload your client’s logo and paint your reports in their brand colors. It allows users to work on the background of their reports and add custom static elements that separate one from the other, and power it with text that can serve any number of purposes. You can turn these elements into notes, reminders, anything you’d like.

Apart from that, you can also transfer your work to a specific subdomain, where you don’t have to worry about file size and clients accessing your reports.

Standard, Preset and Custom Marketing Reporting Templates

One other major thing that makes Reportz such a great tool is the fact that it really does cut corners at every turn.

When we started working on this tool, we set out to create something that truly saves time. Not just a couple of minutes, but hours. In order to achieve that, we needed to take the whole reporting process apart, to the smallest of details, and really work on optimizing them.

While we were still in the early beta phases of production, we learned that doing the same thing over and over again is often one of the biggest causes of stress for most marketers. Nobody really wants to live their own version of Groundhog Day. That’s why we have decided to enrich Reportz with various standard marketing reporting templates, that basically eliminate mind-numbing work from the equation, like setting up the same type of SEO reports for the same clients.

With Reportz, you can also additionally customize those templates to ensure they truly meet all your reporting needs. Cloning reports is also an option. Users have the chance to create their own custom KPI dashboard templates, save them and recycle them for other clients. As a user, you can also automate your reporting for clients, and keep your clients frequently in the loop, without even investing a single click in the process.

Take Our Tool for a Test Drive

Reportz is a superb, exceptionally user-friendly utility that really helps users finish their monthly reporting in 5 minutes, instead of 5 hours. It doesn’t demand any prior knowledge on the user’s part. All you basically have to do in order to make this tool work for you is add your favorite sources, name your dashboard, choose a template, adjust the style, and click on the “Create a new dashboard now” button. That’s it.

Give Reportz a try! I hope you’ll find it useful.