When a unique concept like Dibz appears on the market, you struggle to explain the idea behind the tool and present its benefits.  

Basically, it was designed with link builders and SEOs in mind. Since we share their struggles, we noticed the need for a tool that will aid in our prospecting efforts. Now, although Dibz was created to automatize and simplify the entire search process and meet an average digital marketer’s needs, we were still worried it would seem a bit abstract. 

One of the things we did to ensure that people recognize Dibz’s benefits at first glance was partner up with Infostarters to decide on the best way to present such an innovative tool. Owing to their years of experience in the creative IT industry, Infostarters’ team of designers knew that people will respond if the right visuals are created for the official Dibz website. 

And they were right. Aside from advising us on the best approach to visual branding in general, they created two sets of more than 10 web icons.  

Why icons were vital for Dibz

Owing to their symbolic potential and their ability to stand up for the text, icons are considered a popular solution in contemporary web design. 

Sure, as we come from the digital marketing world, we know that search engines value longer content pieces. But the truth is, extensive paragraphs are not always preferred by the majority of modern users. There are times when we request an instant solution and a quick explanation to go with it. 

Here enter icons. 

They can be simply decorative or interactive, but in Dibz’s case, we mainly used icons for their ability to explain and clarify. Why? Because we know our target audience. Actually, we are our target audience.    

We know that a link builder’s and blogger’s day is jam-packed – researching, writing, proofing, outreaching – at the end of the day, they need an instant solution that will cut their prospecting time in half

This is why we introduced visuals intended to explain Dibz benefits at one glance. And when combined with a tool’s intuitive interface, users didn’t have to waste their valuable time going through a how-to guide of some sort. A scroll down the page was all it took.    

Icons convey a complex message

Here’s the thing: a human brain processes visuals thousands of times faster than textual info. Not only that – we retain imagery much better than anything we read. That’s why icons have been around for centuries, and their popularity doesn’t seem to decline one bit. They take up minimum space, yet manage to tell a detailed story, no matter the language you speak.  

We speak your language | Dibz

They are engaging

Icons easily attract attention, which is why they are often used instead of plain bullet points. As such, they invite users to engage – exactly what we needed with Dibz. A set of icons that will guide users through our website, tell the story of our tool and ultimately motivate them to test it and use long-term.  

problem / consequence / solution | Dibz

They facilitate unique branding

At the time Dibz was created, Four Dots already had a strong and recognizable visual identity in place. The color orange was synonymous with this digital marketing agency, and we needed to build a completely new brand that will still be in line with the entity we already established. 

And they did it. Though the font and illustration style differs, interweaving the same shades through the imagery is now all it takes for a user to connect the dots and mentally link the two brands.

Dibz & Four Dots | Dibz

Types of icons created

The Infostarters team recommended using vector graphics which are delivered in a small format but are scalable. Making this decision meant that we got the best of both worlds: 

  • compact concept for the digital format for a seamless UX, and
  • scalable solution that we could later use for a diverse range of marketing and branding materials.  

Bottom line

Web icons are at the same time small and a great part of a brand’s visual identity. The creation process can be quite challenging since many factors need to be taken into consideration, some of the most important ones being icons’ purpose, a message they should convey, format, the channel they are created for, and many more. 

In Dibz’ case, it took a team of veteran IT creatives to come up with an icon set that will provide a clear explanation and still be distinctive enough to help build an identifiable brand. 

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