Dibz link prospecting tool

Today is a very important day for us here at the Dibz team – the official release of our link prospecting web-based software suite is finally here. Up until now the tool has been available only as a beta version for our Four Dots in-house link building experts  and a limited number of outside testers. With the year of Dibz testing behind us, we were able to prove the value of our ideas and our team’s effort by providing our clients with a multitude of high quality links.

What is Dibz – Link Prospecting Tool

With just over 1.01bn websites currently online, the need for automated link prospecting is greater than ever. Exploring through such a thick forest of websites would have taken forever if it not for Google’s special terms and search operators to help pinpoint your targets. Even so, we are able to narrow down the search just enough to shorten our prospecting from weeks to days.

SEO professionals are well-aware of the fact that the process of prospecting doesn’t end with Google search results. Once you round them up, it is time to measure the value of website’s metrics, as each client has different requirements. Classifying websites based on the noted metrics takes a fair amount of time, but Dibz is able to shorten this process to literally a few minutes, as all those metrics are by default a part of its results.

Input Parameters

Once logged into your account, you are welcomed by a user-friendly home screen with clear options. In a single search field you are able to enter multiple keywords, thus creating a unified search.

link prospecting

Right below is the research type field, where you can select the type of prospects you are looking to explore. We spoke about Google operators earlier, and this is where they are implemented into Dibz. If, for example, you choose Directories, you will see something like: “inurl:directory” or intext:”submit business” OR intext:”submit listing”.

link building

Next up is the Custom search parameters field. It complements the research type, as you can add parameters not found in presets.

link prospector

Options found on the right-hand side are quite straight-forward. The first two fields are reserved for choosing a client and the appropriate client campaign. Furthermore, if there are several teams working on the same client, they can be split up according to campaigns to avoid interference.

link prospecting tool

Finally, the language feature is one of the things that makes Dibz unique. Namely, if you are targeting local search results,  Dibz covers as much as 35 different languages. Localisation of results can also be achieved by selecting an appropriate ccTLD. The date range and a depth of search are the last two parameters.  The Depth field enables you to choose how many results will be looked up for each term and query combination.

link building tool

The Power of Dibz

Once you submit your search, it will take some time for the application to process your request and display the results. Upon completing the query, Dibz will notify you with an email containing the link to the results page.

The greatness of Dibz prospecting tool is on full display on the results page. The most important website metrics that a link builder keeps track of are conveniently arranged by columns. First column displays SPAM factor – an in-house developed metric which decides which websites will be included in HQ results and which won’t.  Its value is calculated from a wide array of stats, including (but not limited to): number of ads, lack of about page, external links in header of the page, spammy anchors and keywords, ratio of referring pages per domain, etc.

With the help of SPAM filter, Dibz separates wheat from the chaff and lists only top quality results by default. Nevertheless, should you need to start from websites with lower overall quality you can include all results with one click of a button.

The rest of the metrics are well-known: domain authority, referring domains, referring pages (which are obtained via Ahrefs API), social media shares counts and contact details for the website.

One of the Dibz’ most interesting features is that it allows you to explore the results without having to leave the page, as it has an iFrame for examining the websites within the app.

Unlike its main competitors, Dibz features options to manipulate CSV files both ways. You can either export a file and use it to automate your outreach or import a list of your own urls for Dibz to analyze.


Even though Dibz has reached a milestone in the form of its public release, our work is never done. Google is advancing day by day and in order to keep up with all the changes it imposes, our link building “automaton” will have to evolve alongside it. Marketing automation is the way of the future and a process of such complexity presented in a simple, yet comprehensive manner is certainly a refreshment.

We have  released a trial version of Dibz to a number of our fellow colleague link builders and SEO experts eager to test all these features on their own. Head on down to the sign-up page and start your prospecting adventure today.