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With the official launch date set for March, Dibz is undergoing final reviews by our development team and a limited number of SEO professionals. Currently in the final testing phase, we decided to offer private beta trials to gather constructive insights and better prepare for the official release.

After talking to our colleagues, we found out that Dibz meets the expectations of the market and does a great job for agencies that focus on quality link building.

This positive feedback makes us confident that Dibz is about to make a significant change in the industry by enabling a more efficient link prospecting. Our reviewers gave us detailed information on how the tool works for them, showing a great interest in working with it. They are particularly happy about the spam factor feature that allows for easy assessment of a website’s quality, which is a growingly important factor in the SEO world.

Furthermore, predefined search options proved to be a great source of ideas for finding great link building opportunities in minimum time. Designed for utmost usability, Dibz also received positive feedback regarding this aspect and we hope this will encourage more people and agencies to use it.

Based on the feedback, we also identified some areas that could be significantly improved in future and we are already making plans for the tool’s upgrades. In the initial version, Dibz will include the following features:



  • Built-in spam factor algorithm
  • Sortable search results
  • Predefined search options with custom fields
  • CSV files import/export

And many more…

Our team is excited about the upcoming launch and we are eager to see how Dibz works out for you. If you still haven’t signed up to get notified on the release, we encourage you to contact us and get listed for early bird promo offers and VIP discounts.

Oh, and watch this place for the big announcement coming soon!