dibz featured

When we started building Dibz, our major goal was to develop a game-changing tool that would facilitate link prospecting and enable SEO agencies to focus on the creative part of their campaigns. Today, we are proud to announce that Dibz is in its pre-launch phase and that it has already attracted dozens of experts waiting for it to be launched.

Many of these, however, probably wouldn’t have found us that quickly if our tool hadn’t been featured on BetaList.



As one of the biggest hubs for pre-launch startups, BetaList has a large audience and can reach thousands of users, investors and journalists. This means that startups can easily reach their target audience even before their product or service is actually available. In our case, this brought not only significant traffic to our newly launched website, but also the valuable subscribers.

More than 100 people subscribed to get notified on the actual launch, which is a figure we didn’t quite expect. After all, it took us only a couple of minutes to submit our story to BetaList and then another day to get approved. Minimum investment for maximum exposure – that’s what we love about BetaList.

Now, if you have not been familiar with BetaList before and you want to have your startup featured there, we’ll explain how it works.

The idea matters more than anything

In the SEO industry, quality links are considered the basis of a well-ranked website. Unfortunately, finding such opportunities is usually time-consuming and affects all other aspects of the link building process. Designed to simplify the procedure of research, Dibz filters websites acquired from Google’s search API and helps you make more specific searches. Instead of using dozens of different parameters, tools and metrics, you can resort to Dibz to do this complex part of the job instead of you. Most importantly, this way, you will have more time to focus on the creative aspect of link building again.

Your idea really comes to live the moment that other people can experience it. Because as an inventor or founder, you can see how people use it, how it adds value to their life and you learn how you can improve your ideas,” the founder of BetaList, Marc Köhlbrugge, pointed out.

Precisely because of this, we decided to get Dibz featured during its beta testing phase and get the valuable feedback from subscribers. And, for an early-stage startup, there is no better place to do that than BetaList.

Templates are a big no at BetaList. In order to get featured, we needed to have a customized landing page.

Almost every startup resorts to creating powerful pre-launch page that would spark the interest in the product they offer. Namely, the ultimate purpose of this page is to build an email list of early adopters willing to engage. However, as startups similar to yours appear on BetaList on a daily basis, your page needs to immediately convince the visitors that it is worthy their email address.

This is exactly what BetaList appreciates most about the startups that sign up for getting featured there. For them, uniqueness and functionality of a landing page are a must. Additionally, in order to support this idea, the site emphasized that using a template doesn’t inspire confidence and result in less sign ups than expected.” Keeping all this in mind, we decided to develop a simple and customized landing page in accordance to the BetaList’s guidelines.

  • Information about the product is the crucial factor. When it comes to the product promotion, there is just one, tiny rule that needs to be respected: new subscribers and customers aren’t attracted by the functionality of the product only, but by the story behind it, as well. For this reason, presenting Dibz in several sentences was one of the major challenge for us. In order to deliver meaningful details, we described not only the mere features of Dibz, but also the ways it benefits the SEO industry.

Moreover, we added some screenshots of the tool in order to show our visitors what it is going to look like once it’s live. After all, we strongly believe that in order to get engaged, our subscribers need a credible proof that we have an actual product behind our page.

  • We presented Dibz as a brand. BetaList hosts on average 5 new startups on a daily basis. This means that our page needed to be different in order to be noticed. Therefore, we decided to present Dibz as a brand and, for this, needed a little more than product information and headlines. In order to provide our visitors with unique experience, we resorted to simplicity and uniqueness as a reflection of everything we stand for.

Getting featured

BetaList is for sure one of the greatest platforms helping startups go public. Since it was established 5 years ago, it gained thousands of people subscribed to their email newsletter and following them on social networks. Since we had a pretty solid pre-launch strategy and a nice landing page, it was probably much easier for the editors to review our website and get a grasp of our idea.

We were provided with the option of to get featured for free or pay a $99 fee. Since the paid option doesn’t guarantee that a startups that pays for it will be published for sure, we submitted Dibz for free and didn’t regret it. Namely, we were after we subscribed, it took only a few days for us appear on BetaList.

BetaList gave the communication with our customers a boost.

Once we got featured, we soon realized that BetaList is exactly what we needed. Alternatively, apart from listing Dibz, the site also tweeted out about it to its followers and sent email to everyone on their subscribers list. Unsurprisingly, being featured there has a direct impact on our database subscriptions, website traffic and response on online channels.

The first thing we noticed is the skyrocketing number of the visitors and email subscribers on our landing page, which was, after all, our primary goal. Without early adopters sending their feedback and getting interested in getting information about the launch of our product, our entire subscription to BetaList would be entirely meaningless.

However, apart from database subscriptions, we also took advantage of BetaList in terms of our online channels. From the point of our launch on the website, we notices that the handful of our followers on Facebook, Twitter, G+ and LinkedIn skyrocketed to 500 in less than a week.

Even though we are available on BetaList only for a week, it has already been a genuine heaven for us. If you are interested in the amazing Dibz tool, get on board now, sign up for Dibz beta and stay in touch with us!