Built for link builders by link builders, Dibz is a tool that does the time-intensive work for you and helps you make room for the more critical aspects of the process.

  • Research the web for link building prospects in a smart way
  • Easily filter out websites irrelevant to your search
  • Get a list of email contacts to prepare your outreach campaign
  • Manage your data using CSV
  • Integrate your lists with Pitchbox for easier outreach
  • And much more...
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Project's Background

Dibz is a project started by Four Dots, an international SEO company with offices in New York, Boston, Dublin, Novi Sad and Sydney. The very idea of creating this solution came from our own experience within the SEO industry and our need to deliver quality and relevant results to our clients. With the goal of redefining the ways link building is done, we decided to start from the essential step - link prospecting.

This is how we created Dibz, a powerful tool designed to help SEO agencies work more intelligently. As the SEO industry evolves, it becomes growingly important to focus on providing quality content and establishing effective communication in order to build high quality links.

Link prospecting with Dibz is designed to facilitate this potentially exhaustive process and save you your highly valuable time.