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Brought to you by a genuine industry expert who shares your everyday struggles - Dibz is a go-to tool for digital marketers that cuts drama out of the process and allows you to easily find killer link building opportunities, grow your brand online and focus your energy where it’s needed the most!

By giving you a comprehensive breakdown of the prospects and their most pertinent metrics, Dibz helps you find the best and easiest path for climbing to the very top of Google’s SERP for desired keywords!

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17 custom spam metrics!

To help you get ONLY the crème de la crème of link prospects, we created a custom Spam Algorithm that automatically filters out all the irrelevant or spammy prospects from the results. The Algorithm analyzes a number of website features and signals, and grades them accordingly. With Dibz, wasting hours and hours on filtering out the garbage from various prospecting lists is now just a bad memory from the past!

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What's Dibz All About?

The ability to put your link building process on the next level.


Quality Link Building and Influencer Prospecting

Find the best prospects for both your various link building campaigns and influencer research.

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A Built-in SPAM Algorithm

Don't waste your time going through hundreds or thousands of prospects that don't deserve it. Let us gather, process and classify all your link opportunities.

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Fast Delivery Times

As we already said, we respect your time. We're obsessed with optimizing the prospecting process. That's why we're putting the effort into completing your report ASAP.

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We Speak Your Language!

If you're performing local prospecting and link building searches, our multilingual searches and results got your back wherever you are. Dibz offers all the tools necessary for finding link building prospects in languages other than English.


Research and Filtering Functionality

Dibz collects data from industry's top content providers, allowing you to conduct a simpler, custom search for a specific term. The results are delivered in a sheet that can easily be arranged according to one or more metrics. This gives you a clear overview of the quality of your prospects before deciding to engage with them.

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