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Dibz is an advanced link prospecting tool designed to save you time, simplify the process of link building and influencer opportunities research. Suitable for both independent SEO consultants and full-service marketing agencies, Dibz will help you work more efficiently.

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Link Prospecting & Influencer Research Bonanza

Save your time and do more important things by letting a machine do the machine work for you.

Quality Link Building and Influencer Prospects

Find the best prospects for both your various link building campaigns and influencer activations.

Valuable Insights About Prospects

Our sortable results include several important metrics for you to decide who to target. SPAM metric, domain rating, referring domains, referring pages, social following, contact data etc.

Email Prospecting

Get contact emails for prospects acquired through our tool as well as the ones obtained in other ways. We're using several email prospecting methods, so our success rate is really high!

In-built SPAM Algorithm

We currently analyse 17 SPAM signals of various levels of importance and then neatly organize them in plain numbers, ready for you to use in quality analysis.

Keep the Best, Dump the Rest

Search, Sort. Filter. Cherry-pick opportunities you like the most and forget the poor ones.

Import / Export

When search isn't enough, import your list of prospects and opportunities and get them evaluated. Then export it back.


Find the perfect plan for your business.


$69 /month
  • 2500 results
  • 50 results depth
  • Up to 1 user
  • Lock spam factor values
  • Lock top anchors list


$169 /month
  • 10000 results
  • 70 results depth
  • Up to 5 user
  • Lock spam factor values
  • Lock top anchors list


$369 /month
  • 25000 results
  • 100 results depth
  • Up to 25 user
  • Unlock spam factor values
  • Unlock top anchors list

To successfully register a trial account we'll need your CREDIT CARD or other payment option details, but the campaign will be billed only after 7 days from your registration.

You can cancel your trial and paid accounts whenever you want.

Our Clients' Testimonials

Check what out clients have to say about our link building tool.

Jason McKendrick

Since we have a number of successful startups behind us, my team and I know the value of link building for one's online presence. Also, we are aware of the tediousness of link prospecting process. Dibz significantly shortened that process while offering highly relevant results.

Robert Haswell

Dibz is definitely our link prospecting tool of choice - we've tested a number of similar products and none of them came near the quality and a variety of data that Dibz delivered. My sincerest recommendation.

Jona Witherspoon

We started off using Dibz as a link prospecting tool and ended up acquiring awesome influencer lists for our clients. What's best about it is the fact that the team behind it is always at your disposal, they are constantly adding new features while keeping their finger on Google's pulse.

What Dibz Offers?

The ability to put your link building process on the next level. Pronto!

Best Link Prospecting Results

Search for prospects naturally, like in Google. Use our predefined and most potent "advanced search operators" and link type filters to get exactly what you're looking for.

Built-in Spam Factor Algo

Don't waste your time going through hundreds or thousands of prospects that don't deserve it. Let us gather, process and classify all your link opportunities so you don't have to.

Fast Delivery Times

As we already said, we respect your time. We're obsessed with optimizing the prospecting process. That's why we're putting the effort in making complete search results ASAP.